Dead Fred is a website of photographs. Basically, it started as a site to look at old photos and see if you could identify anyone in them (i.e., your old cousin “Fred”). Over time, it has developed into a more standard genealogy site offering photos for many surnames.

I check this site fairly often, about once a week. I have had updates surprise me. For example, I have the surname “Ripperda” in my history. Searching Ripperda in the quick search box, I get this: “” a photo of Anna Ripperda Doyle and family. I happen to have her in my tree, and this photo was new to me! What a great resource.

If you want, you can also browse through surnames. I find this helpful as often times surnames can be mispelled or may have evolved over time. For example, the last name Ripperda was also spelled Riperdag, Ripperdoff, Riparda, etc etc.


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